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Bird's nest in Cygnus

A few years ago I bought Sue French's latest book, Deep-Sky Wonders. There are ...

STF 2010 (H V 8) in Hercules

I love to observe double stars, and one of my favourite lists is to observe is ...

Messier 3, a beautiful stellar city

In Canes Venatici you can observe one of the most beautiful globular clusters ...
Starting out as a visual observer of the nightsky in 1977, I have tried all different kinds of things: sketching, photographing, video-astronomy, visiting dark-sky sites and star-parties. I noticed however that in the end I practice my hobby most of the time from my suburban backyard, and that I still prefer visual astronomy over everything else, as I did when I started back in 1977. After almost 40 years of amateur astronomy, I have come full circle.

I have an interest in almost all observable objects, ranging from the sun and atmospheric optics in daytime to everything the night sky has to offer. My favorites however are the moon, double stars and starclusters.

In the SO blog, you will find my observing reports, sketches of objects, reports on books, atlasses, equipment etc. Sometimes even a lucky image of the moon shot with a DSLR.

In the article’s section, you will find descriptions of observations, that go a bit deeper.

You can navigate through this website using the different menus or the sitemap.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me, using the contact form.
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